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We provide 1000 free random codes whenever you need them but if you need more than 1000 unique codes, a custom code format or anything else, please contact us using the quote form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the number of free codes limited to 1,000?

The 1000 code limit on the free service is usually enough for most people's requirements. If you require more than 1000 codes, please contact us with details of your preferences and we will let you know if we can help.

What if I need more than 1,000 codes?

If you require more than the 1000 codes generated by the free service, please contact us with your requirements to see if we can help.

What is the maximum permitted code length?

On the free generator, the maximum code length is 25 characters. If you require codes of a longer length, please contact us with your requirements and we will try to help.

Why do people need random codes?

You can use your free random codes in all sorts of places! People everywhere like to generate codes for party games and challenges. Crafters and small businesses use their free codes for labelling and competitions. Large businesses need random codes for vouchers, ticketing and discount coupons.

Random codes + imagination = endless possibilities!

Just how random are the codes?

The codes are randomly generated using the PHP function mt_rand. To quote, mt_rand "uses a random number generator with known characteristics using the Mersenne Twister, which will produce random numbers four times faster than what the average libc rand() provides".

Why is my code list less than 1,000?

When you use the generator, it is possible that the resulting number of codes will be less than 1000. This is because once the codes are generated, any duplicates are stripped out of the result set. If you narrow the code parameters, duplicates are more likely.

Should I generate using character set, or using a pattern?

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